Roth, Nichols, Svoboda, and Olmstead take Round Two at Dawson County Raceway

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May 6, 2018  |  by Anthony Ainslie

Racing was back on at Dawson County Raceway Sunday for the second night of the 2018 season.

The racetrack’s late model division had the night off, so the modifieds, stock cars, sport mods, and hobby stocks took center stage for the second night of weekly racing action.

Columbus, Nebraska driver Anthony Roth went to victory lane for the second week in a row in the IMCA modifieds. Roth took the lead from Charles Stryker on lap six of the caution free 20-lap feature and led the rest of the way to the win.

Cozad drivers Colton and Cale Osborn came in second and fourth while David Murray Jr. came in third, and defending track champion Jay Steffans came in fifth.

Mike Nichols also went back to victory lane Sunday in the stock car feature. Early on however, Kyle Clough led the way while six other drivers were right behind him. Nichols eventually took the lead on lap six and never looked back.

North Platte driver Mikey Dancer came in second after starting dead last while Chris Heim, Clough, and Collin Heim rounded out the top five.

In Sunday’s sport mod feature, last week’s winner Craig Howard and Tony Schultz got together in a first lap incident in turn four. From that point on, the race stayed green as Jacob Slough led the way before Austin Svoboda took the lead with only eight laps remaining.

Svoboda went on to get his first win at Dawson County Raceway. Slough finished third, and Zach Schultz came in third. Austin’s younger brother Justin Svoboda came in fourth followed by Jacob Olmstead to round out the top five.

The Hobby Stock feature came down to the wire between last week’s winner Zach Olmstead and defending track champion Luke Wassom. The two exchanged the lead multiple times.

The race came down to the final corner when Wassom and Olmstead made contact causing Olmstead to go around on the front stretch. Wassom crossed the line first, but Olmstead was given the win after the last lap spin. Wassom was credited with second while Allyn Myers, Tanner Clough and Tanner Jones rounded out the top five.


1) 60iv Anthony Roth
2) 50c Colton Osborn
3) 97m David Murray, Jr.
4) 6c Cale Osborn
5) xii Jay Steffens
6) 19 Chuck Stryker
7) 19xx Brandon Spanjer
8) 50 Scott Smith
9) 20b Brandon Clough
10) 39 Scott Eaton

1) 16 Austin Svoboda
2) 15d Jacob Slough
3) 55z Zach Schultz
4) 16j Justin Svoboda
5) 88j Jacob Olmstead
6) 55m Tony Schultz
7) 68 Craig Howard
8) 8 Andrew Rayburn
9) 59 Tyler Rajdl
10) 01 Jacob Wolsleben

Stock Car
1) 63 Mike Nichols
2) 45 Mikey Dancer
3) 11k Kyle Clough
4) 6 Collin Heim
5) 16w Jeff Whiting
6) 2x Travis Kernick
7) 8 Eric Kinderknecht
8) 53e Tyler Easterday
9) 84 James Sheldon

Hobby Stock
1) 98z Zach Olmstead
2) 2w Luke Wassom
3) 99m Allyn Myers
4) 1 Tanner Clough
5) 12t Tanner Jones
6) 5 Chuck Ledbetter
7) 88m T.C. McKain
8) 88 Morgan Olmstead
9) 20b Brady Henderson