Roth, Nichols, Olmstead, Wassom take wins in second-to-last points night

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August 5, 2018  |  by Anthony Ainslie

The point battles continue to get tight as drivers continue to race for the championships at Dawson County Raceway.

Sunday was the second to last night for points for four of Dawson County Raceway’s weekly racing classes. Many drivers were looking for some much needed momentum going into the final points night and try to make one more charge towards a higher finish in the standings.

Sunday’s modified feature saw Kale Smith show the way early on. The Davenport, Nebraska driver led the first five laps before point leader Anthony Roth took over.

A couple of cautions slowed the race down. First, a car stopped at the top of turn four with seven laps to go, and then, Colton Osborn and Charles Stryker made contact going for the third spot causing Osborn to go around with four laps remaining.

When the dust settled, Anthony Roth was back in victory lane extending his point lead over Stryker going into the final night next Sunday. David Murray Jr. narrowly edged out Stryker at the line for the second position.

1. Anthony Roth 2. David Murray Jr. 3. Charles stryker 4. Kale Smith 5. Bryan Herrick 6. Scott Eaton 7. Scott Smith 8. Cale Osborn.

Sunday’s stock car main event saw an early charge from Bob Chalupa. The McCook native took the opening lead and showed the way for the first three laps before Mike Nichols took command.

Dana Morgan brought out a caution with ten laps remaining after he spun out in turn four. The Kearney driver came back to finish fifth.

The race would finish under caution after James Sheldon spun out in turn one on the final lap while he was running third. The race was called after that, and Mike Nichols added to his point lead and remaining undefeated at Dawson County Raceway.

1. Mike Nichols 2. Jeff Whiting 3. Mikey Dancer 4. Tyler Easterday 5. Dana Morgan 6. Bob Chalupa 7. Scott Stoll 8. Jamie Porterfield 9. Dan Stoll 10. James Sheldon.

The sport mod feature on Sunday was led off with a caution on involving Craig Howard. The Lexington driver sustained enough damage to knock him out of the race. This was a big hit to Howard especially since he was second in the point standings going into Sunday.

Jacob Wolsleben showed the way when the race got going. His lead was short lived as Jamey Kennicutt made his way around Wolsleben for the lead on lap four and led until lap ten when point leader Jacob Olmstead made it around for the lead.

Kennicutt’s night went from bad to worse. On a restart with only three laps left, Kennicutt was in second when he suddenly pulled out of line and came to a stop in turn four. Kennicutt would be done after that.

As for Olmstead, he took home another win extending his point lead going into championship night, and for the second week in a row, Bo Egge came to race, and he once again took second in the feature.

1.Jacob Olmstead 2. Bo Egge 3. Jacob Wolsleben 4. Jacob Slough 5. Tom Nelson Jr. 6. Eric Kackmeister 7. Jamey Kennicutt 8. Andrew Rayburn 9. Dennis Price Jr. 10. Craig Howard.

The hobby stock feature took some time to get started as two cautions on the first lap delayed the start. First T.C. McKain and Caleb Hetrick got tangled up in turn two. Then on the restart, Hetrick spun out collecting Allyn Myers who got stuck on the inside berm entering turn one. Myers and Hetrick both made tremendous comebacks finishing second and third.

The biggest wreck of the night came on lap two when Morgan Olmstead spun out in turn one and then got clobbered by McKain. Both drivers took very severe damage to the front ends of the cars, and both were out of the race.

Up front, Jacob Hagan led the race early on before point leader Luke Wassom made the go-ahead pass for the lead on lap three. A couple of yellow flags slowed the race down, but Wassom stuck to his line and held off everyone to take the win and extend his point lead slightly over Allyn Myers.

1. Luke Wassom 2. Allyn Myers 3. Caleb Hetrick 4. Jacob Hagan 5. Chuck Ledbetter 6. Devin Bjorkland 7. Brady Henderson 8. Tanner Jones 9. T.C. McKain 10. Morgan Olmstead 11. Tyler Barribo.