Duncan, Steffens, Nichols, Kennicutt, Wassom take Championship Night feature wins; Leonard, Roth, Nichols, Olmstead, Wassom walk away champions

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August 12, 2018  |  by Anthony Ainslie

It was championship night at Dawson County Raceway Sunday, and at the end of the evening, five track titles would be determined.

All of the weekly racing divisions were on hand for the final night for points at the Dawson County Fairgrounds. The race also marked the second to last race of the season at the raceway.

Sunday’s late model feature went caution free for all 20 laps. Jake Kubicka led the opening four laps before Denton Duncan took the lead and never looked back.

As the laps continued to wind down, point leader Josh Leonard worked his way up to second and had to hold off a late race charge from Cory Dumpert.

The best race at the end was for fifth as Rece Vaught narrowly edged out Tracy Harr at the line.

Duncan went on to capture his second feature of the year while Leonard’s second place finish helped him repeat as track champion.

1. Denton Duncan, 2. Josh Leonard, 3. Cory Dumpert, 4. Jake Kubicka, 5. Rece Vaught, 6. Tracy Harr, 7. Bill Kubik, 8. Les Siebert.

The modified feature also went caution free for 20 circuits around the Dawson County Fairgrounds. Early on, Anthony Roth was showing the way. When it looked like Roth was going to walk away with it, last year’s track champion Jay Steffens began to catch up to him.

Steffens made the go ahead move for the lead with seven laps to go as he passed Roth and would go on to pick up his first win of the year. It was also Steffens’ second consecutive year in which he won on championship night. With his second place finish, Anthony Roth clinched his first ever track championship at Dawson County Raceway.

1. Jay Steffens, 2. Anthony Roth, 3. Brandon Clough, 4. Charles Stryker, 5. David Murray Jr., 6. Bryan Herrick, 7. Scott Smith, 8. Kales Smith.

In Sunday’s stock car main event, Bob Chalupa led the opening lap before Mikey Dancer and Mike Nichols went side by side in the early laps to decide the race win.

Nichols managed to get the lead right before a caution came out with 14 laps to go. From that point, another caution followed two laps later, but Nichols was able to get away from the rest of the field.

Nichols led while two great battles ensued in the top five as Dancer and Casey Werkmeister went at it for second, and Jeff Whiting and Tyler Easterday squared off for the fourth spot. In the end, Werkmeister got second after starting clear back in the 15th starting position, and Easterday edged out Whiting for fourth at the line.

As for Nichols, he took home the win going undefeated for the second consecutive points season at Dawson County Raceway and thus repeating as track champion.

1. Mike Nichols, 2. Casey Werkmeister, 3. Mikey Dancer, 4. Tyler Easterday, 5. Jeff Whiting, 6. James Sheldon, 7. Bob Chalupa, 8. Dana Morgan, 9. Josh Schweitzer, 10. Brendan Eilts, 11. Darin Racek, 12. Dan Stoll, 13. Zach Alloway, 14. Don Schweitzer, 15. Jamie Porterfield, 16. Mike Earl, 17. Dave Easterday.

The sport mod main event started off with a huge twist before the race even began. Point leader Jacob Olmstead was towed off the race track after a broken transmission took him out before the parade lap.

The first lap of the race saw the first caution come out after Andrew Rayburn spun out in turn three. Rayburn would battle back to finish fourth by the time it was all said and done.

Meanwhile at the front, former track champion Jamey Kennicutt was head of the class. He made the bottom of the track work for him while Jacob Wolsleben tried the high, middle and bottom lanes to catch up but would not prevail.

Kennicutt would go on to take home his first win of the season. Even with the breakage, Olmstead managed to have a big enough point advantage over second place Craig Howard to secure his second consecutive track championship.

1. Jamey Kennicutt, 2. Jacob Wolsleben, 3. Jacob Slough, 4. Craig Howard, 5. Andrew Rayburn, 6. Tyler Rajdl, 7. Dennis Price Jr., 8. Bo Egge, 9. Kris Pankonin, 10. Jacob Olmstead.

The hobby stock feature on Sunday saw point leader take the lead from Chuck Ledbetter after Ledbetter led the opening circuit. A couple of cautions slowed the race down, including one that resulted in a flat tire for Allyn Myers was second in the point standings going into the night. Myers would get a new tire on and finish in fifth.

Meanwhile, no one was able to catch Wassom. He would go on to take home the win and secure his third consecutive track championship in the hobby stocks at Dawson County Raceway.

1. Luke Wassom, 2. Zach Olmstead, 3. Jacob Hagan, 4. Caleb Hetrick, 5. Allyn Myers, 6. Chuck Ledbetter, 7. Shawn Miller, 8. Brandon Nelson, 9. Mark Doucette, 10. Brady Henderson.